Imagine a time when life was so certain that when you built a building for your business you were confident enough in the future that you put the name of the business into the very fabric of the building.

This is not a time of mergers and takeovers of globalisation and restructure, this is when life was more local and certain.

There are a number of such buildings around and so this blog is an attempt to record some of them and more importantly a bit of the history of the business which by and large are no longer with us.

If you know something about any of these business please add a comment. You can do this without having to sign up for anything and can be anonomous if you prefer.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Stone, Son and Co

This is Anzac Avenue, Dunedin

The top of the building says Printers, Bookbinders at the left side and Publishers , Stationers on the Right Side with Stone's Directories proudly in the middle.

The actual name of the company Stone, Sone & Co is over what was the door further down

Why the door was not in the middle of an othewise symetrical building is a bit of a mystery but I am sure there was a good reason. These days this building has been converted into apartments hence why the door is now a window.

So this company is best know for the Directories so prominently advertised in the middle of the building, for those not familiar with it before there were telephones therer were no white or yellow pages that we are so familiar with these days. Before them were directories produced by various publishers but in the South it was Stones that dominated.
These were lists compiled in various orders of the people and business in the city and where to find them.


  1. I love this blog! It's so interesting. Good work. Found it while I was researching on St George/Peacock/Sovereign (Irvine & Stevenson).
    Timespanner has added you to the blog roll.

  2. Thanks Darian Zam glad you enjoyed it.
    I have had limited time lately to update it but still have a few buildings in the camera awaiting publishing.