Imagine a time when life was so certain that when you built a building for your business you were confident enough in the future that you put the name of the business into the very fabric of the building.

This is not a time of mergers and takeovers of globalisation and restructure, this is when life was more local and certain.

There are a number of such buildings around and so this blog is an attempt to record some of them and more importantly a bit of the history of the business which by and large are no longer with us.

If you know something about any of these business please add a comment. You can do this without having to sign up for anything and can be anonomous if you prefer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Frank Anderson Butcher

This is King Edward Street, Dunedin

The non blind amoung you will notice that there is no sign on this building but because of the below I felt it was worth adding to this blog

This is a very impressive window announcing the previous owner, I suspect, or presumably long term tennant to warrent this effort was Frank Anderson Butcher. Here are a couple of shots of each window.

When I had a look to see what I could find out about Frank I came across this from the Otago Witness from 17 June 1908, which has to be our man.

The other reference comes from

When talking about Ray Meining a wrestler of note they say

"Ray first begun wrestling in 1934 when a fellow South Dunedin butcher friend of his fathers named Frank Anderson got him started at his wrestling school.

Frank was a good coach who ran the Frank Anderson Wrestling School originally in Melbourne street south Dunedin and then under the grandstand at the Caledonian grounds."

So Butcher and Wrestling Coach but I guess that didn't fit on the window.

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